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ARRIVE & DRIVE - Supported 4x4 Safaris

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Arrive & Drive 4×4 Safaris

Fly into Harare or Vic Falls and use our vehicles alongside Zimparks’ Camps & Rangers to get deep into Zim’s remote national parks. Hire knowlegable Zimparks Rangers to guide you on foot for bush walks. Enjoy authentic Zimbabwe at less than one-third of the cost of private camps…

Why, When, How?

Why Zim? The Zambezi Valley hosts one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The proximity to animals and spectacular scenery make it a dream for wildlife-lovers, photographers, birders & fishermen. Uniquely, you are allowed to walk in the bush, surrounded by the sounds and smells that are often overlooked from a vehicle. Our clients are guided on foot by armed, experienced Zimparks Rangers at their own risk.

How do I get there? The best way to get there is to fly into Harare or Vic Falls and drive from there. Driving from South Africa or Botswana is dangerous because the roads from these two congested border posts are very narrow with heavy traffic, being the main transport arterial for mining equipment to Zambia and DRC. There are steep road-edge drop-offs and no emergency lanes. The road surface is particularly bad for the last stretches within 200km of Harare where there are undulations on the surface which can be very dangerous at speed. Unfortunately it is very difficult to time your journey in such a way as to not travel this section at night. Road travel at night is not advised in Zim generally due to animals on the road and un-roadworthy vehicles.

Mana remains unspoiled because it is hard to get to, given it’s location, Zim’s fuel shortages and currency / economic turmoil. Any visit must be thoroughly well planned. This is not a one or two night stop on another trip, Mana is a destination in itself.

Arrive & Drive 4x4 Safaris

A Collaboration with Zimparks: Fly into Harare or Vic Falls and use our vehicles along with Zimparks’ Camps & Rangers to get deep into Zim’s remote national parks. Hire knowlegable Zimparks Rangers to guide you on foot for bush walks. The net result is you enjoy authentic Mana Pools and Chitake Springs at less than one-third of the cost of private camps.

We can also arrange for you to be accompanied by selected registered Zim Pro Guides (this can be cost-effective for larger groups).


$90* per person per day (4PAX)
$130* per person per day (3PAX)
$170* per person per day (2PAX)


2.1. Vic Falls to Harare:

$90* per person per day (4PAX)
$130* per person per day (3PAX)
$170* per person per day (2PAX)

2.2. Harare to Vic Falls:

$110* per person per day (4PAX)
$130* per person per day (3PAX)
$170* per person per day (3PAX)

N.B. Above Itineraries can be customized but pivot on availability of 3 key bookings:

1 . 4×4 availability – rates are indicative and vary in and out of season as well as with rental term
2. Kariba Ferry confirmed sailing dates (Ferry sailings are provisional and will only be confirmed once sufficient interest is shown in it, plan B diverts via Bulawayo)
3. Mana Pools & Chitake Springs bookings – Chitake might not be available or we may have to juggle the Mana/Chitake bookings. E&OE

* Arrive & Drive Rates Include: 4×4 Rental, Campsite & Ferry Fees. Exclude: Fuel, Food Conservation Fees & Activities. All Vehicles Comprehensively Insured, Licensed with Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Tailor- make your Itinerary

Select your preferred accommodation. All sites are un-fenced and wild animals can and do move freely through them. Lodges and exclusive sites book up over one year in advance for peak season, so it is best to book these with us as early as possible.

Self-catering Lodges

There are 8-sleeper and 4-sleeper, self-catering lodges situated on the river at Mana. These are old and basic but clean & comfortable with hot and cold running water, flush toilets, gas fridges and stoves.

Exclusive Campsites

These are isolated sites exclusive to the party that has booked them. A maximum of 2 vehicles are allowed per campsite. These camps are very ecologically sensitive and it is important you read the code of conduct before you go.

Communal Campsites

The main campsite of Nyamepi has well spaced campsites with braai-places under the shade of large trees. Sites are serviced by 4 ablution blocks.

Itinerary Planner

Build your personalized Zim itinerary below and we will revert with availability and advise on feasibility:

Full Name of main booker

Location Map of Accommodation Options

Fuel, Currency, Catering & Gear Rental Solutions

Fuel Solutions

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a fuel crisis with queues up to 3km long. We have solutions nationwide for our clients. Contact us re: your fuel requirements. We have first-hand knowledge of the fuel situation and have queue-free solutions including strategic fuel caches, jerry cans, fuel coupons & prepaid cards.


Prices in Zimbabwe are nominally quoted in Zimbabwe Dollars, however, cash is not yet available from ATMs and banks. It remains legal to hold US Dollars in Zimbabwe and legal tender in certain parts of the country. The Zim currency situation can be confusing and things change rapidly. We will keep you updated regards the latest currency situation.

Catering Solutions

We pre-purchase your food and drinks for you in Harare, pack them appropriately, ready for you to load and go, saving you time and ensuring availability :

Food – Select items you want from our tried & tested Shopping List and we will have them ready for you in Harare when you arrive.  We charge a basic service fee of  15% of the value of goods purchased.

Drinks – We source and pack drinks for you in Harare, ready to go. Choose from a variety of local beers, cool drinks and spirits. Canned drinks are preferable as they are lighter and easier to compact and carry out. They are also less likely to break in transit. A service charge 15% is levied for this service. Contact us re: Catering Enquiries:

Camping Kit Solutions

We have all the kit in Harare, see our Equipment Rental List. Should you wish to hire additional: tents, cooler-boxes, freezers, gas bottles, camp beds, chairs, tables etc in Harare, Contact Us.

Free responsible trash disposal in Harare

Manapools has a strict carry-out trash policy. We will gladly dispose of your carry-out trash responsibly in Harare after your trip.

Harare Accommodation

We host you at Sunbird Guest House (rated #3 on TripAdvisor) in Harare at discounted rates. Totally off-grid with solar power & borehole water and Superfast fibre Wi-Fi. Our experienced team will help iron out any hiccups and make available any forgotten equipment you might need.

Airport Transfers

The Mana Pools Code of Conduct

The easiest way to help conserve Mana is to abide by the code of conduct developed by Zimparks to help preserve this place and limit human’s impact upon the environment and each other. Please read this carefully prior to your trip and ensure all members of your group are familiar with the regulations and guidelines. The overriding principal is RESPECT, for the wild and other visitors. Consider what impact your actions will have on the environment, the wildlife and other visitors, when in doubt, ask at reception.

Code of conduct for Mana Pools National Park

  • DO NOT FEED ANY ANIMALS OR LEAVE ANY FOOD IN YOUR CAMP (LOCK IT IN THE CAR)- Animals habituated to associating food with humans become problem animals and end up having to be shot. Remember, you are not doing them a favor by feeding them, you are signing their death warrant. If Zimparks catch you feeding any animals at Mana, YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE.
  • NO FRESH FRUIT/CITRUS/VEGGIES – BRING CANS – problem elephants smell fresh fruit a mile off and end up raiding camps, these too have to be put down, it will be your fault!
  • NO DRIVING OFF ROAD vehicle tracks can last for years and compacted surfaces damage the ecology
  • BURN ALL TOILET PAPER – do not just bury it as animals will dig it up
  • CARRY OUT all trash
  • BURY ALL ASH leave the campsite as you would like to find it. Most Mana campsites have braai places it is unlawful to light fires away from these points.
  • CAMPSITES use only the official campsites. Camping elsewhere is illegal and will incur a fine and possible banning from the park.
  • WALKING Our clients can hire an armed Zimparks Ranger. Please be careful not to disturb animals or unduly spoil the wilderness experience of others

Additional Code of Conduct for Chitake Springs

Please remember the following basic Zimparks regulations for Chitake Springs. We urge you to do your best to follow them, this is a sensitive area, lets protect it.

  • DO NOT BATHE IN THE SPRING or add any detergents to the water, it is the lifeblood of animals and should not be tainted by private ablutions.
  • SPRING FLOW do not alter the natural flow of the spring by creating baths/pools etc.
  • DO NOT DRIVE OFF-ROAD and it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to drive in the river bed!
  • CAMPSITES use only the official campsites. Camping elsewhere is illegal and will incur a fine and possible banning from the park.
  • NUMBER OF PEOPLE Do not exceed the maximum of 12 campers allowed by Zimparks.
  • NO CAMPING UNDER THE FIG TREE above the source of the spring
  • CARRY OUT all trash-
  • BURY ALL ASH leave the campsite as you would like to find it
  • BURN ALL TOILET PAPER do not just bury it as animals will dig it up
  • RESPECT the right of game to drink peacefully. Be discreet. RESPECT other peoples’ right to enjoy Chitake without undue disturbance

N.B. Regional Guided Tour Operators (incl. self-drive convoys): You are not permitted to take paying clients for gain on Zimparks Estate without being accompanied by a registered Zim Pro Guide. If Zimparks suspect you are doing this, you and your guests will be thrown out the park. ZimParks are monitoring this, do not take a chance.

" sorted everything out for us. Which meant that rather than spending days on end doing admin. and shopping, we spent 6 perfect days in the bush!"

− Sarah Flemmer, Johanesburg

"We successfully used to organise our last mana trip. The catering service was very useful and the 4x4 and equipment rental meant we could avoid Beitbridge!"

− Paul Robinson, Johanesburg

"Thanks for taking the hastle out of organising our fly-fishing expedition to the Zambezi"

− Ilyas Patel, Johanesburg

"We had a fantastic trip to Zim over Christmas and can't wait to get back to the Zambezi with the children next year"

− Graham Ballard, Nelspruit

"We had an incredible month in Zimbabwe and feel so lucky we found Ant Bown and his team organised everything for us, but it still felt like it was our own adventure. "

− Angus H Richardson, United Kingdom