Mana Pools Campsite Booking Service.

By April 21, 2019 Uncategorized 2 Comments are registered Zimparks booking agents. We can help you formulate an itinerary, check availability on your behalf and make provisional bookings for you. Once you are happy with your itinerary Zimparks bookings are finalised upon payment of their invoice. We charge a flat facilitation fee for this service upon finalisation of your booking. Please contact us if you need help.

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  • Helge Friedrich says:

    Hi, we want to visit Mana pools around 24 to 27 June.
    We want to book a public campsite. Is it necessary to book now or can we book somewhere in Zimbabwe?
    Kind regards,

    • Ant Bown says:

      Hi Helge,
      It is advisable to book ahead if you want a decent site. Time is short, please email me on and we can arrange a booking for you.
      Kind Regards
      Ant Bown

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